not looking for all the wild ones

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not looking for all the wild ones

Mensagempor fp7 em 13 Out 2009, 13:41

Im intrested in that two wild capsicum plants
Capsicum flexuosum or/and galapagoense,
Is there anyone with an Idea , to get them?
I´m not flying to Brasil at all, so it would be a pleasure for me to plant them
right here in Germany. And tell my kids about their history. Although it´s quite tricky to grow the galapagoense.


it would be nice to get a notice!

Thanks Frank
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Re: not looking for all the wild ones

Mensagempor chris em 28 Out 2009, 01:58

Why this ones especially?

Here are some sellers:
Good luck.
and if you are really curious, try "c.flexuosum" in the search function of this site.("busca" in the upper right corner)
It is very interesting.
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