Real chilehead?

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Real chilehead?

Mensagempor varg em 01 Abr 2011, 08:43

According to some reports received from the Chinese Inet-presses, it became known that over the last few years in one of the bio-laboratories of a Chinese agro 第一 日 were conducted experiments on the implementation of parts of human DNA in the genes of some varieties of pepper. The true goal of this research is not yet clear. However, the public domain has already become one (though only one) instance of such a genetically modified pepper.
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Re: Real chilehead?

Mensagempor Brito's Pepper em 03 Abr 2011, 20:36

Great Photoshop Varg. :lol: :D :rofl:
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Re: Real chilehead?

Mensagempor claudiohsb em 03 Abr 2011, 22:01


Great work bro !!! PHOTHOSHOP RULES !!

See ya !
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Re: Real chilehead?

Mensagempor herald em 05 Mai 2011, 15:24


brother of Cleomenes :lol:
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Re: Real chilehead?

Mensagempor tasinarojr em 06 Mai 2011, 17:40

Nice picture hahahahaha
Vitor Tasinaro Junior
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Re: Real chilehead?

Mensagempor ViniciusFabiano em 16 Mai 2011, 17:27

very cool :rock:
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